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Better Performance

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Improved Relationships


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"Definitely, finances always come into play….so it was OK …. there is this financial commitment. However, based on my knowledge of you and testimonials that I heard, I thought this was an easy financial commitment because I was going to Doctors and Chiropractic and Acupuncture all the time. Plus, living in pain and fear and all the emotional trauma all the time that it was obvious going to you a couple of times was a one time commitment that was much cheaper! And, it obviously worked!"

Julie Ricardi

"I don’t know how it worked. It was amazing. For 20 years I have felt like I needed to walk on eggs with one of my daughters. Conversation with her left me beaten up emotionally. I always had a knot in my stomach when I was with her or on the phone with her. Since my session with Tara, the knot is gone. I don’t hurt inside when I talk to my daughter. It’s just gone. I wish I had Tara 20 years ago. All I can say is “Thank You Tara”

Karin Bates

"While I have enjoyed varying levels of success throughout my life, there has always been something that has kept me from achieving what I believe to be my highest potential. I've had years of therapy, employed numerous methods for emotional release, meditated, tapped and tried to focus and breathe my way into self-awareness yet nothing seems to have unlocked my potential the way Tara Grace Perry and her RTT technique have. Having experienced a profound shift in awareness that I feel down to my very core, the morning after our session, I woke up a completely different person. I woke up feeling like… “me”. So deeply grateful for and appreciative of Tara Grace Perry and her dedication to making our world a better place, one person at a time."

William Branden Blinn

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